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Daisy RS is currently focusing its efforts towards the wireless power monitoring distribution industry. Our company produces portable systems for various Remote Solutions (RS). The RS2026 is designed with a patented algorithm that provides exceptional performance and accuracy. Unlike large or bulky laboratory instruments with troublesome cables, the RS2026 employs wireless technology, making it lightweight, fast and convenient with an intuitive GUI interface for quick measurements with an Android Phone or Tablet. The RS2026 is convenient and practical for outdoor field use by installation and maintenance engineers yet equally suited for laboratory or power monitoring infrastructure. The Daisy RS Power Sensor is the only power sensor available on the market that can provide 24/7 RF power monitoring to the cloud from remote locations with unmatched accuracy. The real value of the RemSensor lies in its ability to eliminate costly scheduled and unscheduled "truck-rolls" and extended maintenance time on site by identifying precisely the location and amount of loss of RF power (signal strength) and providing the ability to control the RemSensor from the cloud.


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